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Preparing for your Past Life Regression

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Whether you’re attending a group regression or 1-on-1, these tips can help you get the most out of your experience.

Now that you’re signed up (and excited!) for your Past Life Regression, let’s take a few moments to prepare so you can get the most out of your session.

Before the Regression

1. Prepare your environment.

Since this is a virtual session, it’s important for you to prepare the environment you will be in for your regression. Select a quiet space where you can be alone and undisturbed. Decide whether you will sit upright, recline, or lay down during the regression, and make sure you will be comfortable. Having a blanket nearby can come in handy in case you get a little chilly as the body rests during the regression. It may also be helpful to have white noise playing in the background as this can help to drown out some background noise. If you choose to play white noise in the background, be sure to keep the volume low enough can you can hear the regressionist during the session.

2. Ensure equipment functionality.

Ensure your internet connection is working and you have a good connection. For a 1-on-1 regressions, it is important for the regressionist to see and hear you, so position your camera where you can be seen and heard clearly. It is recommended to connect earbuds or headphones with a microphone so communication is as clear as possible. Check out these Skull Candy earbuds with mic from Amazon.

During the Regression

1. Allow your mind and body to relax.

A large part of the success of your Past Life Regression depends on your ability to relax and allow the process to unfold. You will be gently guided into states of relaxation to calm your mind and body. Simply follow the prompts and allow yourself to completely relax.

2. Go with the flow.

As you explore past life memories, allow yourself to be receptive to any impressions you may get. There are many ways to receive impressions of past life experiences and there is no one way that’s the right way. Some people see images in their mind's eye. Others seem to just know what is happening without seeing anything at all. Some may hear what is going on while others may feel, emotionally or physically, what is happening. It’s also important to note that any combination of these ways of perceiving may be experienced at the same time just like we can see, hear, feel, smell and know at the same time in our waking, everyday life. However you perceive, just allow yourself to be receptive to the impressions you receive. Remember to go with the flow!

3. Save your analysis for later.

Despite how tempting it may be to analyze your regression experience as it’s happening, refrain from doing this as there will be plenty of time after the regression for analysis. During the regression, it is important to stay focused on the task at hand which is to perceive what is going on and allowing the experience to unfold.

After the Regression

1. Share your experience.

At the end of your session, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your experience with your regressionist to help you begin processing the information. During a group regression, you’ll have the opportunity to briefly share your experience and any lessons learned from it. Be open to sharing as it is always interesting to see the different experiences others have had and what they learned from it. I also secretly believe that when we do this kind of work in a group setting, the lessons that each group member learns is also a lesson that the whole group can benefit from incorporating into their own lives in some way. In this way, sharing becomes a tool that helps us learn and grow from each other.

2. Have something to take notes.

After a group regression you may be given a few minutes to jot down notes regarding your past life experience. Whether it’s pen and paper, a word document on your computer, or a voice recorder, have a way to record your notes. These will be helpful to refer back to later when you're analyzing and processing your experience.

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