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Past Life Regression

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Imagine if you could go back in time and meet yourself from a previous incarnation. Who would show up? What messages might they share with you? And how might that support your spiritual growth, and healing?

Past life regression is a technique that allows you to retrieve memories and experiences of other times and places that are relevant to you in some way. For many travelers, including myself, these experiences can seem very real and can bring clarity and insight to present day challenges. They can also help to cultivate a deeper sense of comfort, knowing, and trust in oneself, thereby opening a pathway for real, meaningful change and healing to take place.

These deeper realizations and healing may not always happen with the very first regression, especially if one is not used to exploring the non-ordinary states of consciousness. But with each regression, you are able to access non-ordinary states of consciousness more easily and quickly, discover even more about yourself, transform limiting beliefs, and gain clarity into the experiences that have shaped who you are today.

One of the nice things about past life regression is you don’t have to believe in reincarnation and past lives to have meaningful regression experiences. While many people come to past life regression to understand certain issues or challenges in their lives, many others are simply curious of the possibilities and what may come up for them. This open-minded curiosity aids connection with the subconscious to bring about the past life memories and experiences that are most appropriate for you.

As one who has facilitated many past life regressions as well as been a traveler, I know from experience there is real wisdom that guides this process. In its infinite wisdom, there is a reason why the higher self brings a particular experience into your awareness during a past life regression. One could ask oneself: Why that experience? What wisdom can be gained from understanding it? How might this provide clarity into a particular life challenge or situation? What issues or blocks might have the chance to find release and healing?

For those who believe in the soul or in some aspect of the self that survives death, keep in mind that we are made of energy. If it is true that energy is never destroyed but only changes form, then perhaps our essential (energetic) nature is indeed eternal. And if that is true, what might your most relevant past life experiences have to share with you about your untapped potential, your life’s mission, and who you are at your deepest levels? And how might that inspire meaningful change in your life?

When you have a past life regression, you have the opportunity to access to a wealth of experience, insight, and wisdom from which you can draw upon to help bring understanding and facilitate positive transformation in your life. As your guide during your past life regression, I am there with you every step of the way, helping you connect with the memories and wisdom your subconscious has to share with you. It can be quite moving – especially when connected with their higher soul wisdom – to witness the love and support a client receives during their session. Sometimes we forget, or simply don’t realize, just how much we are loved and supported until we have a direct, visceral experience of it. It truly is a beautiful thing to experience.

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