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Are You a Lightworker?

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

A lightworker is someone who is here to uplift humanity and contribute to the conscious evolution of the planet using their unique combination of gifts and abilities. This is not someone who is merely content with abiding by the status quo but instead, someone who has a deep desire to express themselves creatively and to be of meaningful service to others along the way. In fact, many lightworkers at some point on their journey, have a deep knowing that they are here to do more and to be more even if they are not sure exactly how or in what capacity.

Demystifying the “Lightworker”

Lightworkers come from all walks of life. They embark on countless paths that ultimately help humanity awaken to its fullest potential, evolve in consciousness, embrace the inimitable brilliance of their own individuality, inspire real self-authenticity, and spread joy, compassion, love, and truth in their own unique ways. And though some lightworker missions take them to the world stage while others engage smaller audiences, no lightworker or their mission is less significant or better than the other because they all work together for the greater good: to uplift humanity and evolve the collective consciousness towards higher ways of being.

It’s very common to think of a lightworker from a new age perspective as someone solely involved in the alternative or mystical arts. And while there are many lightworkers who walk a spiritual path and are energy healers, for example, this is certainly not always the case. Lightworker missions are as varied as the individuals who have them. Think of the religious devotee who is a selfless example of altruism by demonstrating unconditional love and compassion to those whom society deems unworthy; or the lawyer who courageously champions for truth amid vicious personal attacks; or the fashion model who against all odds follows her dreams anyway, breaking down barriers and ushering in a new phase of inclusivity in the industry. Although these individuals may not consider themselves lightworkers, they all share the same lightworker qualities: passionately following their hearts and as a result, blazing the trail that inspires and uplifts others to do the same.

Traits of a Lightworker:

You May be a Lightworker if You Resonate With the Below Statements

Lightworkers intuitively know they are here for something more even if they cannot clearly articulate what that is. Especially in the early stages of their awakening, lightworkers may not know or may only have a hint of the work they are here to do.

Lightworkers have a natural interest and talent in the areas in which they can best be of service to others and are typically drawn to pursue these areas of interests. This makes up their lightworker mission and they may choose to pursue these as a vocation. For the lightworker, it’s more than just a job. It’s their life’s work and legacy.

Lightworkers find joy in pursuing their lightworker mission and should pursue it! They may feel drawn to it, or it may feel like a quest, or an insatiable thirst for information, wisdom, or for divine experience.

Lightworkers have a genuine desire to be of service doing their lightworker missions.

Lightworkers not actively engaged in their lightworker missions in meaningful ways typically experience angst and conflicts of conscious as they straddle physical realm realities and responsibilities with the higher frequency callings of their missions. For lightworkers who choose not to pursue their callings or who do so only halfheartedly, the desire to fully engage it stays with them nonetheless.

Lightworkers want to follow their calling and want to do more but it is often fear that holds them back, especially in the early stages of their awakening.

Lightworkers are natural healers, though not necessarily energy healers, and often are the archetypal wounded healer – they have their own wounds to heal - and through their own healing they can be of greater service to others.

Lightworkers naturally are highly intuitive and may even be psychic to varying degrees though they may doubt their abilities. They directly benefit from cultivating a relationship with their God-Source, however they define it, to strengthen these abilities.

Lightworkers generally believe in some form of higher power – however they define it – and they directly benefit from cultivating a direct experiential relationship with it. This close relationship nurtures the lightworker and provides support, guidance, and inspiration along their journey.

Lightworkers, especially those drawn to spiritual, energetic, and mystical paths are typically highly sensitive to emotions and subtle energies of others and their environments. Being a highly sensitive person is a gift (only about 20% of the population is considered highly sensitive) as you can pick up on subtle energies most others are unaware of.

Claim Your Lightworker Status!

If you resonated with most of the above statements, then you are a lightworker! You are one of the many who have incarnated to be of service at this time to uplift humanity and aid the conscious evolution of the planet. It is part of your soul work and your destiny, so claim your lightworker status!

Now, say it like you mean it: “I AM A LIGHTWORKER!”

Claiming your lightworker status opens you to receiving more insight into your lightworker mission and begins to create the pathways in your brain that will support your ways of thinking, believing, and doing as you engage it. Even if you are unsure exactly what your mission is, claim your lightworker status. But don’t just say the words. Really believe them as you say them and feel how good it feels to claim it.

As a lightworker, know that you are here to expand in your own understanding of Self and the God-Source within you. Know that you are encouraged to pursue what lies in your heart for the good of yourself and others, and that your lightworker mission is backed by the unwavering support of Spirit. Know that as your relationship with the God-Source expands, so does your clarity and trust in your lightworker mission and in the God-Source that guides you, and this supports you as you move forward with confidence. And no matter what your circumstances look like right now, know that you are on the right path and that in some way, it is purposeful for your growth and your mission.


The world needs your unique Light.

If it weren't so, you simply wouldn't be gifted with the opportunity to share it.

It's time to shine like the Beacon of Light you came here to be.

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