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Preparing for Your Virtual Reiki Session

Your reiki session is designed to help you restore balance to your mind, body, and spirit. Since the session is virtual, preparing your space thoughtful helps to ensure you get the most out of it. Below are recommendations to help you prepare.

1. Set your intention

Understanding why you are coming for Reiki can help you set your intention. Think of your intention as your goal or objective for your session. It is what you want to get out of it. The intention helps direct the flow of Reiki energy to the areas that are of most concern to you, focusing these energies to help bring greater awareness and balance. Below is a sample list of intentions from which you can choose, or you can create your own to bring to your Reiki session.

Come with an intention:

Clear away blocks (this may happen by bring them more keenly into your awareness!)

Release that which no longer serves

Gain clarity on a situation

Balance energies

Connect more deeply with Spirit/Source and your inner wisdom

Release anxiety

Let go of fear

Find your center

Whatever is best for me at this time

2. Decide the location to have your session

Prior to your session, decide on the location where you want to have your Reiki session. Because you will need to be comfortably reclined, the space for your session should be quiet and where you can relax in a reclined position comfortably without being disturbed. It is not advised for you to sit up straight in a chair for your Reiki session because we want the mind and body to relax. Partially or fully reclined is best. After you have chosen your location, feel free to arrange it in any way that may make it feel special, relaxing, or spiritually meaningful for you. You can light a candle or incense, and place around you items that are meaningful or sacred to you. This is your sacred space!

3. Ensure equipment functionality

Ensure the proper functioning of all equipment you will use during your Reiki session like your computer, tablet, mobile phone, and headset. If using a devise that needs to be propped up during session, ensure it can be propped up easily during your session without falling. It is also important for your Reiki practitioner to clearly see and hear you, so position your camera where you can be seen and heard clearly. Pro Tip: it is recommended to connect earbuds or headphones so you can hear the guided meditation that is played during the Reiki session.

4. Be open to the Reiki experience

A large part of the success of your Reiki session depends on your ability to relax and go with the flow of the experience. Your Reiki practitioner is an experienced facilitator who will guide you into relaxation. All you really have to do is follow the prompts and allow yourself to relax and be open to the experience. After the Reiki session, you will have the opportunity to regroup with the practitioner to go over any experiences you may have had during the Reiki session as well as anything else that may be helpful for you at that time.

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