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Meet Ondrea!

Ondrea with one of her favorite trees in winter.

Ondrea is a writer and teacher of spiritual and intuitive development specializing in Self-awareness and understanding through applied spiritual practice.   


Her work helps people connect with their higher wisdom and cultivate a deeper relationship with their higher power helping them live in alignment with their authenticity and in the guiding flow of Spirit.

She earned a Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology with a specialization in Applied Spirituality and is certified in Integrated Imagery and Regression Hypnosis from Atlantic University in Virginia Beach, VA, founded by Edgar Cayce. 

Ondrea is also a certified Akashic Records practitioner utilizing Linda Howe's Pathway Prayer Process, a certified Reiki Master Teacher, as well as a teacher of meditation and the inner life.  Additionally, Ondrea has a bachelors degree in Music from Hampton University and is a military veteran having served in the US Navy as a piccolo instrumentalist.   


She is a passionate advocate of intuitive development and cultivating a direct, experiential relationship with one's higher power.   "In doing so, we walk not just in faith, but in the knowing based on our direct personal experience with the Divine."

In her free time, Ondrea enjoys lively discussions on the metaphysical, early summer mornings kayaking, singing her favorite karaoke tunes, and taking a moment to appreciate her favorite trees.  

Meet Stephanie!


Stephanie offers several holistic tools uniquely complementary to your search for self-expression, understanding, and self-awareness.  Through Intuitive Consultations and writing workshops, she will help you find the insight you need to help refine your goals and unlock your potential.

Stephanie is a Certified Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher in the Greater Richmond area with Certification in Animal Reiki and has studied several types of animal massage. 

Stephanie’s deep connection with animals and the lessons they can teach led her to include animal well-being as part of her life’s work. 

Our companion animals expect the best in us, and they intuitively guide us along our paths to better spiritual awareness.  


Stephanie has a bachelors degree in English and Writing and is also an author and editor.  She is the founder of P.L.A.C.E. and an advocate of kindness.

The Blue Lotus-RVA

The Blue Lotus-RVA

Supporting Your Spiritual Growth & Healing

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