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The Beacon of Light Affirmation

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

You are a beacon of light! Recite this affirmation on a regular basis to inspire you, and until it is a part of your core beliefs.

I am a Beacon of Light.

I have incarnated at this place and time to be a beacon of light by confidently following the call of my heart and the eternal wisdom of the God-Source that guides my soul.

I know that my calling is divinely guided and I actively pursue it with the utmost joy and enthusiasm.

I know that I and my calling are backed by the steadfast support of the God-Source, and any doubts or fears I may have, I release to the God-Source for transmutation and healing.

I know that as I pursue my calling, my inner knowing is powered by the divine and infinite wisdom of the God-Source, and I actively cultivate my relationship with it so that its divine presence, guidance and wisdom are with me always.

I am a Beacon of Light, and I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in the great awakening and conscious evolution of the planet.

With the full backing and support of the God-Source, I confidently step into my calling so that I may be of benefit and meaningful service to the world.

And so it is.


You can listen to The Beacon of Light Affirmation here.

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