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The Necklace (from my synchronicity journal)

An example of an entry in a Synchronicity Journal (from my personal journal).

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My friend Asia and I were both working to develop our psychic abilities and we like to meet on Sunday mornings for meditation, metaphysical chit chat, and psychic development exercises. Some of the exercises we have practiced together include thought transfer, where we send a thought telepathically to each other, bringing energy into our hands, making energy (chi) balls, and giving each other tarot and oracle card readings.

Today, we met at the park and brought with us an item to use for a psychometric exercise. Psychometry is the ability to get information through your psychic and intuitive abilities from an object. So, we exchanged items - her items was a necklace with a crystal charm, and my item was a tube of lipgloss. After exchanging, we sat for a few minutes to try and get information from these objects, and then we shared what we received.

When it was my turn to share, I started with asking questions. When I was focusing on the object to get information, one word came to mind and that word was "lost." So, I asked Asia if the necklace had ever been lost. She thought for a second, and then said yes. I asked was it lost relatively recently, to which she replied "yes," about a week ago. I then asked about how long the necklace was lost and she said about a day. She then went on to tell me that the chain of the necklace and the crystal charm somehow managed to become separated, how she couldn't find the charm, and her efforts looking for it.

I must admit that I was a bit pleased with myself. That I had held the necklace in my hand, focused on trying to pick up an impression from it, being open to whatever impression I might get, getting the word "lost", and then having that impression confirmed when my friend revealed that the chain had actually been lost just one week ago!

Of course I cannot take all the credit! I believe my Guidance helped me by speaking to me - by giving me the word "lost." But this exercise in psychometry is just another example of how important it is for me to trust those first impressions I receive. Sometimes, it's so easy to discount them because I don't see how they make sense or because I start analyzing and over-analyzing, courtesy of the Ego, of course. but this is just part of the lessons to be learned on my spiritual journey.

I am grateful for this experience and the opportunities to practice psychic development exercises with like-minded people! It truly is a blessing!

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