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The Impression (from my synchronicity journal)

An example of an entry in a Synchronicity Journal (from my personal journal).

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It was about 8:45pm that I decided to do a little karaoke practice before my best friend was to call to chat sometime after 9:00pm. After about 25 minutes, I decided to sing one last song before calling it quits, so I selected the CD, slipped it into the DVD karaoke player, and began to sing.

About halfway through the song I got the distinct impression that I should stop singing, so without trying to finish the song - which is what I would normally do (I mean, who stops singing karaoke in the middle of a song???) - I stopped the CD, wrapped up the cord to the microphone, put it away, and pushed the buttons to turn off the TV, karaoke player, and the surround sound. I kid you not. The very next moment after I pushed the button to turn off the surround sound, the phone rang!

I was so surprised! And the interesting thing was that I didn't hear Guidance say to stop singing. It was just an impression - a feeling - that it was time to stop singing!

Wow. It's just so exciting to have these experiences. I am grateful for them and I am delighted that I am learning to listen and follow them more and more!

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