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YES (from my synchronicity journal)

An example of an entry in a Synchronicity Journal (from my personal journal).

November 13, 2016

I was driving down Hull Street this afternoon following my realtor as we made our way to tour another house for sale. In front of me was a car with a license plate that read GOD ABLE. God is able, I thought to myself, "And so am I," I said aloud responding to myself. And before I could rationalize my way out of believing in this statement, I passed a small business that had posted on its billboard one single word spelled out in capital letters: YES.

I laughed with joy and excitement at the synchronicity, and was so happy to have the immediate validation that YES, God is able, and so am I!

What an empowering belief to adopt!

Thank you, Spirit, for continuing to guide me on my path, for showing me that you are always with me, and for responding to me in wonderfully unique and unexpected ways!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

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