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Cherry Blossom Trees (from my synchronicity journal)

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

An example of a Synchronicity Journal entry (from my personal journal).

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

It was the beginning of spring and the cherry blossom trees were in glorious bloom. The delicate balance of the dainty pink petals against the beautifully dark wooded-silk of its branches called out to me, and I was inspired to capture their exquisite beauty in photograph for my business website. But where might I go to photograph them? Sure, there were some cherry blossoms in the parking lot of my previous office building, and there was one across the street from my current office. But these weren't the places I wanted to photograph cherry blossoms. Of course, there was D.C, famous for their cherry blossoms, but the thought of enduring the aggressive Northern Virginia traffic was a deterrent. "Where could I photograph cherry blossoms locally?" I asked myself.

So, I decided to give this query to my Guides and Angels for their help.

A few days later, I was driving home from the gym after an exhausting session with my personal trainer. It was just after sunset and it was beginning to get dark outside. As I approached the double left turn lane onto Monument Avenue, I heard my Guidance say (though my inner voice) to get into the left turn lane. Immediately I retorted with a rational response. "That doesn't make any sense! After I turn left onto Monument Avenue, I will need to be in the right lane to get home. If I get into the left turn lane, I will have to fight the traffic to get into the right lane, and that's too much work!" But then I remembered how I should follow my inner guidance, and so I got into the left turn lane.

About two or three blocks after turning, I noticed, just to my left were cherry blossom trees all along the very wide and picturesque median on Monument Avenue. "Cherry Blossoms!" I exclaimed with excitement. And as I did, I saw a man standing on the median with his camera taking close-up pictures of one of the cherry blossom trees. Whoa. What a moment! It was the most perfect answer to the question I had posed to my Guides and Angels just a few short days ago. I quickly realized that had I not listened, and had instead made my left turn from the right turn lane, I just may have missed noticing the cherry lossoms - and surely the man taking photos. After all, I was tired and it was getting dark; and I probably would have passed by the cherry blossoms without any awareness they were there.

With heartfelt tears in my eyes, I expressed my gratitude and appreciation to my Guidance. Not only had they answered my question in the most awesome and unexpected way, it also felt as if their response was in support of the reason why I wanted to take the pictures in the first place - for my business.

I was so grateful that I listed to my inner Guidance, and it was a reminder for me to always listen - no matter how illogical or out of the way it seems - for the message of Guidance is always in accord with my highest good.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

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