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Preparing for Your Spiritual Coaching Session Using the Akashic Records

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Now that you’re signed up (and excited!) for your Spiritual Coaching session using the Akashic Records, let’s take a few moments to prepare so you can get the most out of your session. Before your session, it is important think about why you're coming to session and which questions you want to ask of the Records. Below are a few tips to help you get started.

1. The Akashic Records best respond to your most heartfelt questions.

Your genuine desire to want to know and understand opens the Records to provide the clarity and guidance you seek. So, it is important for you to know what it is you want to explore in the Records and have questions ready to support that exploration.

From my experience so far, going into session without having a clear idea of what to explore has not led to very productive consultations. It’s like going to the library without an objective or knowing what you're looking for and asking the librarian to get you the books you need! But when the intentions and questions are clear, the information seems to flow easily.

2. Prepare good questions and have them ready for your session.

For an Akashic Records consultation, certain questions tend to be more productive than others. Questions that begin with “what,” “why,” or “how,” yield a more substantial response than “yes/no” questions. If you find yourself having trouble putting your questions together, do not fret. You will have the opportunity to review what you're looking to understand and clarify your intent and questions with you coach.

3. Get clear on questions regarding your soul mission.

When coming into an Akashic Records consultation, many people want to know about their soul’s mission, but the sheer vastness of the topic can be tricky to tackle without clear direction. Contrary to popular belief, your soul’s mission is not just one thing (i.e. ‘’my mission in life is to be a ….), nor is it simply related to a career or vocation. Your soul’s mission is multifaceted and includes all aspects of your life, from working through karma and learning lessons, to discovering who you are, honing your talents and gifts, and authentically sharing your unique self with the world.

4. Ask ordinary questions related to your life.

No grandiose questions needed here! Ordinary questions centered on the various aspects of your life’s experiences can reveal a lot about what you came here to do and work on in this lifetime. It is through our relationships, careers, finances, wellbeing, and the everyday situations we encounter that give us the opportunities to learn the lessons we need in order to grow and evolve as truly conscious beings.

But if you do happen have grandiose questions, feel free to ask and let’s see what the Records say!

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