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Navigating Uncertainty with Grace

There is no doubt about it. We are living in unprecedented times. The threat of the highly contagious coronavirus has effectively shut down the hustle and bustle of daily life leaving so many in limbo, unsure of what happens next or where we go from here. How can we manage our responsibilities in the face of such uncertainty? How can we keep ourselves and loved ones healthy and safe from the virus? How do we keep from collapsing from the stress and weight of it all?

It is our relationship with Spirit that can help us navigate uncertainty with grace. Through our spiritual practice, we can tap into Higher Wisdom, draw strength from the Divine Source, seek and receive guidance to aid our decisions, and find comfort in the reassurance that we are not alone. And from our practice, we can easily find our center to remain grounded in the midst of the storm. We can stay informed of the latest developments without succumbing to panic and fear. And, though we may not know how our particular situation will unfold, we can choose to trust in the infinite wisdom of Spirit to guide us through with grace.

It is in times of uncertainty where we have the unique opportunity to live our lives not from a place of worry and fear, but of wisdom and faith grounded in Spirit.


How are you navigating these uncertain times? Have a brilliant way you apply your spiritual practice that helps you navigate uncertainty with grace? Then share what you do with us by posting it on our facebook page. Not only might your positive practice inspire someone else, your unique approach might be featured in one of our upcoming online events! Besides, it's good karma to share.

Join our free online support group.

Join us, April 2020, as we come together to build a community of spiritual and moral support for one another as we navigate these uncertain times. Share your feelings, how you’re coping, and how you can use your spiritual practice to help guide you through this time. You'll also be guided through a meditation to help you discover the wisdom and faith that comes from being grounded in Spirit. We are moving from worry and fear and towards wisdom and faith!

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