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How to Keep a Synchronicity Journal

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

Creating a synchronicity journal to document all of your awesome synchronicities and psychic experiences is a great idea. When thoughtfully written and regularly updated, your journal provides you the unique opportunity to go back and read your experiences, which can help to instill confidence and trust in your abilities. It also serves as a written record for how your unique psychic intuition works, which can show you how you receive intuitive information, track the accuracy and frequency of your psychic hits, and reveal the ways Spirit speaks to you. Perhaps best of all, it helps you to remember that these psychic experiences really did happen and that they weren't just a figment of your imagination - as the rest of society would like you to believe.

So here are some ideas to get you started creating your synchronicity journal.

1. Decide How You Want to Record Your Journal

There are different options for keeping your journal. You can go the old-fashioned route and keep a handwritten journal, or you can get digital and keep it electronically. You can be as creative or as functional as you like because it is your journal. Just make sure that it is easy and enjoyable for you to maintain. As a word file, my synchronicity journal is more functional that it is creative and that works great for me.

Writer's tip: If you are going to keep your journal electronically, remember to keep a backup. I once lost my synchronicity journal for more than a year and lost some pretty awesome psychic experiences forever because I did not have a backup of the entire journal.

2. Organize Your Journal

Decide how you want your journal to look and how you want to navigate it so that it is easy for you to find specific entries later. My journal has a table of contents that I can click on to take me to a specific entry. Also, each of my entries are logged by date and has a unique title.

Writer's tip: Don't be afraid to get creative. Find ways to make your journal even more personal and fun. When I first started my journal, I used to add a fun and relevant picture to each entry. Since my journal is functional, however, I no longer add a picture, choosing instead to stick with a basic organization for my entries that is simple and easy to follow.

3. Determine What Will Be Included in Your Journal

So maybe not every single synchronicity or psychic experience is worth recording. That decision is totally up to you. But having an idea of what experiences to include can help you determine what is journal material and what is not. My journal includes synchronicities (meaningful coincidences), psychic experiences, inspired writing from my Guidance, spiritual lessons learned, spiritual epiphanies and revelations, paranormal experiences, and strong intuitive hunches and impressions.

Writer's tip: Not sure which experiences to log in your journal? Log the ones that have a high emotional charge. The majority of my entries record positive experiences but there are a couple of paranormal experiences that were not so pleasant that have also been recorded. None the less, all of my recorded experiences were exciting for me in some way and elicited a high emotional charge.

4. Keep a Draft Sheet

A draft sheet is a page where you can jot down notes about your experiences during those times when you aren't able or inspired to record them in your journal. Having a draft sheet has been incredibly useful for me, especially when I had multiple entries to record or when I did not have time or felt inspired to record my experiences. The draft sheet allowed me to remember the experiences I wanted to record and gave me time to properly record the experience at my leisure. This way I could enjoy the writing process which in turn made the entry interesting to read.

Writer's tip: Write when you feel like writing and when you have a steady flow of ideas. Trying to record a synchronicity or psychic experience when you aren't inspired or don't feel like it leaves you less likely to capture the excitement and energy of the experience, making for a not-so-interesting entry for you to read at a later date.

5. Express Gratitude

As you are developing your intuition (and ultimately your relationship with Spirit), it is important to acknowledge and be grateful for the experiences and the guidance of Spirit. This expression of gratitude should be sincere, and it makes a nice way to bring your entry to a close. It has become a regular practice to conclude my entries with a statement of gratitude.

To read an entry from my personal synchronicity journal, click on the titles below.

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