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Having a Bad Day? Try These 8 Simple Techniques

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

It's inevitable. At some point in our lives we will encounter the proverbial bad day. You know the sort. Where nothing seems to go as planned and everyone (including yourself) can't seem to do anything right. At these moments it's good to have a few techniques in tow to battle the bad day blues.


I know. When you're in the midst of a bad day you may not feel like laughing, but some good hearty laughter is a mood lifter. Laughter is like medicine for the soul. It breaks up negative energy and raises your frequency making you feel better. I experienced this personally after a session of laughter yoga. After the session I felt incredibly happy and in good spirits and all because of laughter. But you don't need an hour long laughter yoga session (although I highly recommend it), just find something that tickles your funny bone. Not sure where to find a good laugh? Try looking up funny pet videos online, listening to your favorite comedian, or reading a list of funny headline bloopers!


Perhaps it goes without saying that conscious slow breathing cleanses the mind and body. Yeah, we breathe all the time, but there is something about consciously and intentionally breathing that is instantly calming. And the more conscious breaths you take the calmer you become. I like to take ten slow breaths which I find to quite centering. If you're feeling the bad day blues, take a few calming and conscious slow breaths. It will relax the mind and release the tension.


Intentionally planting bare feet onto the ground consciously connects us to Earth's energy. When we purposely connect we allow Earth's energy to cleanse us, relieving stress and tension. You can also ground by placing both hands on the trunk of a tree. I personally do this when I really want to feel the flow and exchange of energy between the tree and me. No matter how you ground, remember to breathe in deeply and exhale your frustrations away!


Taking a moment to see the perspective of someone else in the situation you're facing can help in diminishing the impact of a less than stellar day. Why? Because it gets you in touch with how someone else may feel. You don't need to agree with or condone the behavior of the other person - just recognize it. It does, however, require you to rise above your stress and frustration to consider the bigger picture. And in so doing, you just may (miraculously) find a way to improve your day - and theirs.


At the appropriate times* sun gazing can work wonders on the temperament, effortlessly transforming a gloomy attitude to a sunny disposition. From my personal experience and (albeit limited) observations, I believe that purposefully gazing at the sun imbues us with whatever it is we most need. Although this happens over the course of regular practice, we can still gain benefit from those one-off efforts. To reap the benefits, try standing outside facing the sun, eyes closed, and arms stretched open wide. Feel the warm rays of the sun as they flow over and through you. Deeply breathe in the sun's energy as it melts away your tension and frustration.

*The safe times for sun gazing are within the first hour after sunrise and within the last hour before sunset because these are the times when the ultraviolet rays and radiation are at their lowest.


One of the best ways to banish the bad day blues is by getting out in nature. Natural landscapes like waterfalls, mountains, and beaches are flush with negative ions that contribute to positive vibes. In fact, one of my favorite pastimes is early morning meditation at the river in my hometown. I ALWAYS come away feeling AMAZING. If you find the bad day blues beating you down, step out into the fresh outdoors!


Engaging in an activity that is enjoyable and fun (and healthy!) can be a real mood lifter. Especially after a bad day, doing something you truly enjoy is a great way to relieve the stress and tension of the day. Karaoke does a good job of lifting my mood as well as watching my favorite TV shows about spiritual development (because it's so motivational) and true interactions with non-terrestrials (because it's so fascinating). Even mindfully preparing a healthful meal is both enjoyable and relaxing. Taking some time to do what you want to do for a change can prove to be a worthwhile and uplifting endeavor.


When all else fails, taking to the bed for a good 'ol fashioned nap may be your best remedy for a bad day. Sleeping allows the mind and body to rest giving you a much needed break from the stress. Sometimes I find upon waking that I have had a dream that provided valuable insight into my stressful day which I can implement. Just as important, I wake up with a clear head and better equipped to handle any lingering stressful situation.

And that's it, folks! I hope you found this helpful and were able to take away a few new ideas to tackle the bad day blues. What techniques do you use to manage stress? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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