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Developing Your Intuition is Fun (and Practical)

Updated: May 7, 2020

Helpful Tips for Tapping in to Your Psychic Intuition

Did you know that psychic abilities are real? That's right. Clairvoyance. Clairsentience. Clairaudience. Totally real. And those are just three of the most popular "psychic intuitive senses." In fact, each or our physical senses have a corresponding non-physical sense collectively referred to as "the clairs." And I have had the distinct pleasure of experiencing them all. And not because I was born with some awesome and amazing psychic gift. No, no, no. Not in the least bit was I a psychic child. Instead, I was able to personally experience my psychic senses by developing my intuition. It has definitely been a journey, but I have learned how my intuition works, what my strongest "psychic intuitive senses" are, and that I should actually trust my intuitive impressions. Keyword: should. I also came to realize that not only was developing my intuition fun, it was also practical because it got me in the habit of listening to and ultimately trusting those subtle impressions that are oftentimes so easy to discount and rationalize away because "it didn't make sense."

Developing your intuition has real world practicality because it can help to guide you through life. And quite literally, too. I'm sure you've had at least one experience in your life where you had a feeling to do something but ignored it, only to find out later that your feeling was right and you should have listened.

That feeling was your intuition.

But did you know that you can also use your intuition for more than just intuition-prompted guidance and insight? That is absolutely right! You can actively engage your intuition to help you out in life. One of my favorite examples of this is when I asked my Guidance to show me where to take photos of the local cherry blossom trees, which you can read about here. It was quite wonderful to interact with my intuition in this way and receive meaningful insights. And, it's a technique I still use today.

So, how do you go about developing your intuition? Well, I think it is helpful to first acknowledge that each and every human being is naturally intuitive. I have come to learn through my own experience and research that intuition is an inherent quality of being human. While some people are born with their intuition wide open and are highly psychic (i.e. intuition on fleek), each of us has the ability to develop our intuition if we choose to do so.

So, here are a few techniques and tips I have used (and still use) to develop my intuition.

1. Meditate

Meditation is a practice of mental discipline and focus that helps to quiet the mind chatter and gets you in touch with your inner self. Through meditation you learn how to be receptive and non-judgmental to the subtle inner impressions that are characteristic of psychic intuitive insights. With regular practice, meditation not only instills a sense of inner peace, but a clear and receptive mind.

My anecdote:

About a month or so after starting an intensive meditation practice, I had a mind blowing psychic impression. While standing in the checkout line at the movie store, two guys came in, grabbed their purchases, and got in line behind me. Out of the blue a few moments later, I had the very distinct impression that someone had hit me in the back of my head, crushing my skull. I could actually feel it (clairsentience) happening and I also knew (claircognizance) it had happened, even though there was no physical pain. I also knew (claircognizance) that the source of this impression was coming from behind me. So, when I turned to see who was actually behind me, I saw this guy standing very close and looking at me with somewhat of a curious smile on his face. Needless to say I waited to leave the store until after he and his friend paid for their stuff and drove away.

2. Keep a Synchronicity Journal

A synchronicity journal is your personal memoir of all your awesome synchronicities and psychic experiences. When updated regularly and thoughtfully written, it provides you the unique opportunity to go back and re-read your experiences which helps to instill confidence and trust in your abilities. It also serves as a written record for how your unique psychic intuition works, which can show you how you receive intuitive information, track the accuracy and frequency of your psychic hits, and reveal the ways Spirit speaks to you. It also helps you to remember that these psychic experiences really did happen and that it wasn't just a figment of your imagination - as the rest of society might like you to believe.

My anecdote:

I really enjoy reading the entries of my synchronicity journal because not only are they entertaining, they oftentimes provide me with an uplifting message that I need at that moment. Besides, there's nothing quite like being inspired by your own inspired words!

For tips and ideas on how to start your own synchronicity journal, or to read a few excerpts from mine, click here.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice

Perhaps the most exciting part of developing your intuition is practicing. There are so many different ways to practice, but I have found that working in a group of like-minded people works wonders. Through regular group practice, you have the opportunity to experience your psychic intuitive senses on demand and get feedback on your impressions. You learn how your unique intuition works for you as well as what your intuitive strengths are. And you get to work on them as well as those "clairs" that aren't your strongest, thereby developing your skill, confidence, and trust in yourself and your intuitive abilities.

Not sure if there is an intuitive development group in your area? Check to search for local psychic and intuitive development groups, or start your own!

My anecdote:

Through regular practice, I have learned that my strongest psychic intuitive sense is my sense of feeling and empathy. In other words, I am clairempathic. I am quite sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others and can pick up on these energies quite easily. Regular practice has helped me to recognize, appreciate, and honor my sensitivity. It has also helped me to discern when I am picking up on other people's stuff - like the sensation of being knocked upside the head and having my skull crushed.

4. Get Clear on How You Define "Psychic" or "Intuitive"

Understanding what being psychic means to you can help you avoid the pitfalls that come with comparing yourself with others and with your prescribed notion of what being psychic is... and is not. If you, for example, believe that being psychic means being able to see the future, seeing ghosts with your physical eyes, hearing disembodied voices, and performing paranormal feats, you may find yourself disappointed if your psychic intuition does not manifest like this. I know because I had such a belief. The truth is, psychic intuition manifests in many different ways, and no way is better than the other - despite how you might personally feel about it. This is a lesson I had to learn the hard way, over and over again, because I kept comparing myself with what I thought it meant to be psychic. When I finally got clear on how I defined "psychic" and let go of judging myself against that definition, I was better able to explore and appreciate how my psychic intuition worked. This opened me up to having really wonderful psychic experiences that I might have otherwise missed had I remained too focused on meeting my limited definition of being psychic.

My anecdote:

I was part of a group that was learning how to see the human aura. Even though it was fun, I often found myself frustrated because I struggled to barely see the auras that the rest of my classmates could see easily. Well, one day while I was struggling to see the aura my classmates were observing, I noticed something no one else noticed. An invisible vortex that looked like a spinning tornado just above the head of the person we were observing. When I described what I was seeing to the group, the teacher informed me that I was seeing the crown chakra. "And you thought you don't see anything," she said with a knowing smile.

I hope you find these tips and techniques helpful. Remember that developing your intuition is a continuous process of self-discovery, understanding, and trust, so be patient with yourself. Most importantly, stay safe on your journey, and have fun!

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