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Anatomy of a Psychic Impression: "Where's My Ring?!"

The below is an account of a personal experience that demonstrates how Spirit can communicate through symbols based on recent experiences. Names have been changed to protect privacy.

On this particular day in my intuitive group, we had been partnered up to work on an exercise in clairsentience. I was partnered with Violet whose job was to think of a feeling, any feeling at all, as she sat quietly. My job was to intuit what that feeling was without her telling me or giving me any clues as to what it was.

So as we began the exercise, I cleared my energy and tuned in. The very first image I saw in my mind's eye was an engagement ring. My immediate response was doubtful. "Didn't I just see wedding rings on the facilitator's hand as she walked by just moments ago?" I asked myself, questioning the validity of my impression. I quickly opened my eyes just to see if I had indeed seen the facilitator's wedding bands. Upon realizing I had, I attributed my impression to this and let it go.

After tuning back in to Violet, this time I saw in my mind's eye an image of her hand jutting out towards me with and engagement ring on it. This image was accompanied by feelings of sadness and disappointment (clairsentience) as if she were unhappy for not having found her special guy.

After sharing my impression with Violet, her response was an emphatic, "Yesss, girl, where's my ring?!" She was lamenting because she was still single despite her readiness to find her guy and get married.

Interestingly, Spirit used the rings on my facilitator's hand I had just seen, albeit in passing and without awareness (until I saw the rings in my mind's eye), to convey what Violet was thinking about during the exercise. However, I wrote it off as "just coincidence" until I received similar intuitive imagery which was later confirmed by Violet.

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