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Anatomy of a Psychic Impression: The Long Braid

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

The below is an account of a personal experience that demonstrates how Spirit can communicate through symbols, feelings, emotions, and past memories and experiences. Names have been changed to protect privacy.

After closing up a communication with a person-in-spirit during a mediumship practice group, I saw in my mind's eye a woman with a very long braid with her back facing me (clairvoyance). She immediately reminded me of a friend of mine, Rae, who wears her hair in a single long braid. When the woman in my mind's eye turned to look at me, I noticed she looked different than Rae but that her personality seemed similar. She seemed quiet, like my friend Rae, with a quiet confidence, and I got the impression she was spiritual, also like Rae. When I described this woman to the person in the group who I felt she had come for, my visualizations and impressions were confirmed to be correct.

This experience is a good example of how Spirit can use what we hold in our consciousness (our repertoire of experience) to relay information to us through symbolic imagery and impression. In this instance, Spirit showed me the long braid first, which triggered my association to my friend Rae, who coincidentally had a similar demeanor as the woman in spirit.

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