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Anatomy of a Psychic Impression: Love is Stronger than Heartbreak

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

The below is an account of a personal experience that demonstrates how Spirit can communicate through symbols, feelings, and emotions. Names have been changed to protect privacy.

I had the opportunity read for a woman who was new to the intuitive development group that I attended. On this particular day, the facilitator separated us into groups of four or five with each group having one person who was new. In my group was Christianne, a woman who looked to be in her thirties. Since Christianne was new to the group, our task was to give her a quick reading without her asking a question or telling us anything about herself.

As I tuned in to Christianne's energy, I saw in my mind's eye a big red heart that quickly crumpled up into a ball like crumpled paper, and I felt sad about it (clairsentience). But then the red heart un-crumpled itself back into a big, vibrant red heart. It felt strong and persevering despite having been crumpled into a ball, giving me the feeling that love, represented by the heart, was stronger than whatever it was that had crumpled it moments before.

I relayed my impression to Christianne - of the crumpled heart and the sadness I felt, and how the heart un-crumpled itself. I explained how the un-crumpling made me feel: that despite whatever caused it to crumple in the first place, love still remained and that that love was stronger than the heartbreak. As I shared my reading, Christianne began to wipe tears from her eyes, and when I finished, she said that her father had just recently passed away.

The message that I had shared with her explained, through symbol, what she had been going through and it provided her a comforting message in her time of grieving - that even though her father was no longer physically with her, the love was most assuredly alive.

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