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Anatomy of a Psychic Impression: Ghost Ball

The below is an account of a personal experience that demonstrates how Spirit can communicate through symbols, feelings, emotions, and past memories and experiences. Names have been changed to protect privacy.

During a reiki session, I received a curious symbolic image in my mind's eye while working on Rachel. I had just begun the session and was sending reiki to Rachel's head when, after a few minutes, I saw in my mind's eye the image of a red ball hovering in the upper corner of the room. The ball had a halo of black smoke swirling around it, immediately reminding me of a ghost in a scary movie I had seen about a year before. This image gave me the feeling of being afraid (clairsentience), and I felt (claircognizance/clairsentience) that Rachel saw ghosts and that they scared her. But because I did not know Rachel, nor did I know if she saw or even believed in ghosts, I made a mental note of my impressions and proceeded to follow my intuition - which was to send protective white light to her.

I took considerable time sending this white light as I moved through the reiki session. When the session was complete, I wanted to ask Rachel about seeing ghosts but was not sure how to approach the subject - or if I should. So, instead I asked how her reiki experience was and if she received any impressions during the session.

When she said that she saw white light, not only was I surprised, I knew (claircognizance) this was Spirit's way of letting me know it was OK to share the reason why she had seen the white light. I told Rachel I had sent protective white light to her because I got the impression that she saw ghosts. She confirmed that she did in fact see ghosts and that they would scare her. They would manifest to her by suddenly appearing in the mirror standing behind her as she brushed her teeth in the mornings!

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