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The Circle: A Spiritual & Metaphysical Support Group

*This group meets once a month, generally on the 3rd or 4th Monday evening of the month.  For this month's date, visit our Meetup group page for details.  

Join us for engaging conversations on all things metaphysical!  The Circle is a spiritual and metaphysical support group that offers the unique opportunity to share your mystical and metaphysical experiences and questions, and to gain insights from the experiences of others. 


Sometimes we think we are all alone on our journey without realizing there are others who can understand our unique experiences and perspectives.  Meeting like minded people is not only comforting, but also reassuring that we are not alone and there are others from whom we can learn and who can learn from us.

Topics for discussion can include (but are not limited to): paranormal experiences, psychic and intuitive development, near death experiences, angels and other non-physical entities, past life memories and reincarnation, mindfulness, meditation, consciousness, dreams and dream interpretation, consciousness, and so much more.

So, bring your questions and experiences and let's share and grow together!

​To reserve your spot, sign up on our meetup page.

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Meditations on the James

*Please visit our Meetup group page for upcoming Meditations on the James.  

Join us for an early morning meditation on the rocks at the James River!

There is something magical about being on the James in the early morning.  The beauty of the natural landscape, the rush of the water, and the fresh early morning air lends itself perfectly for quiet reflection.  I always come away feeling refreshed, invigorated, and my soul well nourished.

I want to share this experience with you.

We will meet at the edge of the parking lot for Belle Isle near the Tredegar Iron Works on Tredegar St, and will take the pedestrian bridge that hangs beneath the Lee Bridge across the river to access Belle Isle.  From there, we will walk the open gravel trail to find our perfect spot on the large rocks at the river's edge.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1.  We will be outside, so equip yourself with bug spray, sunblock, and anything else you need to be outdoors comfortably.

2.  There is quite a bit of walking in a natural environment, perhaps 1 or 2 miles round trip.  Be sure to wear comfortable/appropriate shoes and clothing, including sunglasses and hats if you need it.

3.  Bring water and stay hydrated.

4.  If you have a yoga mat, you can bring it to sit on, but this is not required.

*I will carry a back pack with bug spray, sunblock, a first aid kit, and just a couple bottles of water.

To reserve your spot, sign up on our meetup page.

tredegar parking lot.jpg

The parking lot at Tredegar St.

meeting spot at tredegar parking lot.jpg

This is where we will meet before we walk across the pedestrian bridge to Belle Isle.  This location is on Tredegar St at the edge of the parking lot.

to the pedestrian bridge.jpg

This is the path we will walk to get to the double ramp that leads to the pedestrian bridge.

ramp to pedestrian bridge.jpg

This is the double ramp that leads to the pedestrian bridge.  Notice the upper level ramp just above.   

pedestrian bridge.jpg

This is the pedestrian bridge.  Once we cross it we will walk down another double ramp before setting foot on Belle Isle.

view from pedestrian bridge.jpg

Here is a view from the pedestrian bridge...

downtown richmond from the pedestrian br

...And here is another view from the pedestrian bridge - the RVA skyline.  A beautiful early morning view!

first steps on belle isle.jpg

This is the main path on Belle's Isle.

trailer to the rocks 2.jpg

This is the path that takes us to the rocks at the river's edge.  There are several entrances along the path.  We will choose a suitable entrance to the rocks - one that is easily accessible to all participating.

meditation on the james 1.jpg

This is one of the entrances that leads straight to the rocks on the river.  

favorite spot on the james.jpg

This is my favorite spot.  

meditating on the rocks - facing camera.

Here I am meditating at my favorite spot.

The Blue Lotus-RVA

The Blue Lotus-RVA

Supporting Your Spiritual Growth & Healing

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